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Things to Look Forward to at Camp Impeesa’s Summer Camp in 2019

May 16, 2019
Campers can take in stunning views of the Rocky Mountain wilderness at Camp Impeesa’s summer camp in southern Alberta.

Campers can take in stunning views of the Rocky Mountain wilderness at Camp Impeesa’s summer camp in southern Alberta.

Nestled at the base of the jagged-edge Table Mountain and the still crystal-blue water of Beaver Mines Lake west of Pincher Creek, Camp Impeesa offers a summer camp experience not found anywhere else in the Alberta Rockies. This summer, Scouts and non-Scouts ages eight to 17 will make new friends and embark on new adventures while learning valuable life lessons and skills at both our week- and two-week long overnight camps held through July and August.

Here are just some of the things to experience in 2019:

New Outdoor Camp Activities

Fun is what Camp Impeesa’s summer camp in Alberta is all about. Youth can experience outdoor adventure skills and activities, build resistance, try new things, and come out of their comfort zones.

From climbing, belaying and rappelling, to hiking in alpine terrain, to paddling canoes and paddleboards, and even tomahawk throwing, youth get to experience new activities in a safe, non-threatening environment.

This year, our campers can discover their inner Robin Hood shooting arrows in a forested course at our 3D archery range as well as work on their marksmanship at the new pellet shooting range. Campers attain skills such as firearm safety and accuracy while using air rifles at a target practice, which is located away from other activities, with a strict safety protocol in place.

Backpacking Adventure Camp

Back after a long absence, Camp Impeesa’s Backpacking Adventure Camps for kids ages 11-17 provide youth with an appreciation for nature and wilderness while helping them build essential leadership and survival skills and resilience to try new things. Accompanied by certified staff, both the weeklong July 14-19 camp, designed for beginner backpackers, and the more advanced two-week August 4-16 camp, start and end at Camp Impeesa. Youth learn to prepare for their trip before hiking the trails north of Waterton Lakes National Park and the mountainous region around Castle Wildland Provincial Park, known for its unique rock formations, plants, and animals. They then return to enjoy all that Camp Impeesa has to offer.

While on the backcountry trails, campers learn how to:

  • Pack everything they need into a backpack
  • Hike on and around a variety of terrain, including alpine, lakes, meadows, and valleys
  • Pitch a tent
  • Work together as a team
  • Respect nature
  • Stay safe and survive in the wilderness
  • Leave no trace

Counselor-In-Training Camp

Back after a successful run last year, the Camp Impeesa’s CIT camp is for registered Scouting youth who like working with children and want to attain leadership and mentoring skills that will serve them well in the future. The two-week sessions, to be held June 30 to July 12 and July 21 to August 2, allow future counselors to work with their peers and camp staff while taking part in leadership and outdoor camp activities. Paired with counselors and tent groups, CITs also get to practice what they’ve learned working with registered campers.

See your Camper at Camp

Parents now have an easier way to see what their child is up to at camp by signing up for a new photo delivery services powered by Waldo. Instead of spending hours scrolling through hundreds of photos on an online gallery, Waldo uses face recognition technology to find pictures of your camper and then sends an alert to your phone via the Waldo app when new photos appear. Photos can also be shared or printed, while those who don't want their campers' pictures on the system can opt to have their faces blurred out.

Learn more about our residential summer camp and year-round facilities, which are also available for groups, school events, jamborees, and more.

Operated by Scouts Canada, Camp Impeesa is one of the only summer camps in Alberta offering more than 300 acres of wilderness space, with two cabin villages, a tent village, shower house, staffed kitchen, and training centre. Contact us about transportation to and from camp as well as about our summer camp programs.