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Impeesa Safety Snippet: Mosquitos at Camp

June 17, 2019

Today's safety snippet from camp is all about Mosquitos. This year we have noticed a big increase in the number of mosquitos at camp so your child may return from camp with the results of their bites. Here are a few tips you can share with your camper as they prepare to come to camp.

  • teach and show them how to apply bug spray to themselves
  • remind them to try not to scratch their bites to discourage open sores or scabs
  • pack at least one pair of long pants and a long sleeve shirt or top, loose fit is best. Tight clothing will not stop the mosquitos bite.
  • send along afterbite, calamine lotion or similar anti ich treatment. We do have some at camp but it is nice for campers to have their own
  • send along children's benadryl if you are aware that you child is more reactive to mosquitos and other biting insects.