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Summer Adventure Weekend

Join us for a summer weekend adventure at Impeesa! June 28 - 30, 2019

Attention Alberta youth and scouters. It's round two! Camp Impeesa in Southern Alberta is offering a “teaser” weekend long camp this summer.

For several years now summer, week long camp at Impeesa has been focused successfully on adventure and will continue to be available right through this summer for July and August.

We know many groups have been interested in going to Impeesa in the summer but don’t know if they’d like to go for a full week. This is an opportunity to get to know Impeesa a bit more and all of its new activities for a weekend of group camping. You will camp together with other scouting groups creating a jamboree type of feel and share fellowship among scouting friends.

Chinook council is aware that getting away in the summer for some camping can be a bit of a challenge with everything else that’s going on in the summer and we believe this, already planned adventure, will be easy to do and hopefully encourage you to come down to Impeesa more often; maybe even for the Senator Buchanan winter skills camp in February.

We’re excited about having a whole lot of people down for this weekend but please note that the minimum number of people required to facilitate this camp (adults and youth) will be 24. Any less and unfortunately we’ll have to cancel this event so please get out and tell your neighbor scouting groups to come down with you.

The Details

When: June 28 – 30, 2019

Arrive Friday by 8:00 pm Depart Sunday by 12:00 pm

Who: All youth 8 years old + (Cub, Scout Venturer, Rover sections) and Adult Scouters, register as a group

Fee: $65.00 per person

What’s included? The opportunity to choose from a range of activities the camp has to offer, facilitated by trained and experienced camp staff. A tenting site with access to fire pits, picnic tables and a covered shelter for community cooking. Opportunities to explore the camp, join in on a camp wide game and socialize at a campwide campfire on Saturday evening.

What do groups need to bring? You will want to bring along all of the gear you will need to camp out over the weekend as well as all of your group's food. We have limited table at the tent sites so if you anticipate needing more cooking/table space please plan to bring one along. Bring along ideas and the things your group could share with other scouting groups.

Can individual youth register for this event? This is a group camp event and youth whose group are not coming together can join in with another group. Please contact Kelly Logan at kelly.logan@scouts.ca to help finding a group to match up with.

How will our youth choose which activities? Keeping in line with the Canadian Path, groups should take the time to talk about what activities they would most like to do during the weekend. A list of available activities can be found below to choose from for this weekend. Please choose your top 3 or 4 activities. Some activities will be structured with set time blocks and a maximum number of participants, others will be open periods for participants to join.

A schedule of chosen activities will be finalized on Friday evening during our camp community meeting. It is important to remember that this is a ‘teaser’ weekend and everyone will not be able to do all of the activities the camp has to offer. We want to encourage groups to return to camp throughout the summer and rest of the year to experience all that Impeesa has to offer.

Please choose your top activity options below and send those in an email to bedwards@scouts.ca

Those groups providing this information first will have first priority in activity selection

Include the following information in your email

Group Name and Section:
Event scouter contact:
Activity Choice 1: Number of participants:
Activity Choice 2: Number of participants:
Activity Choice 3: Number of participants:
Activity Choice 4: Number of participants:

Available Activity Choices:

  • Climbing Tower – scheduled time block, maximum 16 participants
  • High Ropes - scheduled time block, maximum 16 participants
  • Low Ropes Challenge Element - 2 scheduled time blocks, 12 - 24 participants
  • Pellet Shooting Range - scheduled time block, maximum 16 participants
  • Waterfront – will be an open period in which swimming, water bouncer, canoeing and paddling boarding will be available. Please note any swimmers MUST take part in a swim test
  • Archery – open period
  • Tomahawks – open period, 11 years old +
  • Thunderball – open period

Registration: Please register online at https://ca.apm.activecommunities.com/Prairies/