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Groups & Facility Rentals

Camp Impeesa is available to rental groups all year long. The camp is a great setting for small or large groups with amazing opportunities for seasonal outdoor activities. Rental groups include both scouting and non-scouting organizations, schools, youth groups, church groups, and similar agencies. We do shift our focus and programs based on the seasons so please contact us about specific seasonal opportunities. Your group will have access to our camp facilities and grounds.

School group? Visit our school page for everything you need.

Meal Service

Catered meals are available for groups looking to spend less time cooking and more time with program. Our catered meals are available in May and June, September and October. During the July and August we have limited availability for catered meals.

Typical Activities

Ready to have some fun? Ready to learn something new? Program activities are available based on a number of factors and are structured to support the program you have pre-planned prior to your stay.

  • Archery
  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • Climbing Wall & Bouldering
  • Compass & Orienteering
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Fire Lighting
  • Hiking & Backpacking
  • High & Low Ropes Course
  • Nature Programs
  • Pellet Shooting
  • Pioneering Skills
  • Pond Exploration
  • Snowshoeing
  • Teambuilding
  • ThunderBall Pit & Volleyball
  • Tomahawk Toss
  • Zip Line

Please note the following may affect activity availability:

  • camp program staff availability, our camp ranger is not responsible for operating program.
  • other rental groups on site during your stay
  • periods of maintenance or upgrade to equipment
  • weather – a number of our programs are weather sensitive but we do play rain or shine

All activities will be booked when you arrive at camp on your first day. Please contact the program staff to find out what will be available during your stay.

We do not guarantee program activities and your fees do not cover any specific program area.

Please read our FAQ's located below for additional information regarding activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our activity time blocks are scheduled in either 1.5 hour or 3 hour segments of time called blocks. For some specific activities this might vary a little bit. It is important to note that during a time block of 3 hours participants will be given an instruction and safety briefing, will do the activity and debrief. Here is what a 3 hour time block would look like:

  • Your group arrives and you spend up to 1 hour for instruction, safety demo and getting dressed with site specific safety equipment.
  • Participate in the activity
  • The last 20 - 30 minutes you will get undressed from your safety equipment and our staff team will complete a debrief and site security procedures

As stated in writing in our Camp Rental Registration info package, you may have two vehicles and a trailer at either your cabin site or tent site. If you wish to park any other vehicles at your site during your stay you will incur a charge of $35.00 per vehicle per day.

During arrival and departure you may be charge for parking if you have more than 2 vehicles at a time loading and unloading at your site. It is up to the discretion of the camp managers during these time.

All groups are reminded of our parking regulations at the time of arrival and during the camp community meeting. We will not remind groups any time after that.

Here are some other times when you may be charged for Parking:

  • if you block any roadway with your vehicle
  • if you drive anyone from your group to the main washroom/shower building
  • if you drive anyone to an activity area
  • Parent or other visitors arriving at camp to either pick up or drop off individuals

At times exceptions can be made with the camp managers by communicating your needs prior to your stay. We will not charge for parking when groups are bringing garbage to the main bear bins.

Everyone must park in the Main Parking Lot and walk to their sites. We encourage the shuttling of vehicles at times of arrival and departure.

Groups booking camp facilities must pay in full at the time of registration.

Refunds will be given according to the schedule below – no exceptions. This allows us to plan for staffing, catering and program costs and commitments that are often incurred significantly earlier than the actual group camp.

The amount of the refund will be based on the date the cancellation is received and recorded in Active Net.

>90 days prior to camp start date 100%, minus a 4% processing fee
<90 days and >45 days prior to camp start date 50%
Less than 45 days prior to camp start date 0%

Send a Cancellation request to prairies@scouts.ca with the subject line 'Camp Cancellation'.