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Outdoor Adventure Skills

The Outdoor Adventure Skills program is your Scout’s chance to continue testing themselves in the great outdoors—and Camp Impeesa is the perfect backdrop for some of these fun and challenging themes.

Under the supervision of adult Scouts at our Scouts Canada camp, everyone from Beaver Scouts to Rover Scouts has the opportunity to pursue, achieve and reflect on goals safely and within their capabilities. While Canadian Path badges are awarded at each stage, the goal of the Outdoor Adventure Skills program is to give Scouts the environment and tools to learn and grow.

To do that, Camp Impeesa offers an impressive range of Trail Cards to suit every age, ability and activity across Canada Path Adventure themes. Our summer skills program focuses on two key features of vertical skills and trail skills.

At Camp Impeesa, Scouts have the chance to work toward awards such as:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Adventurer Awards
  • Chief Scout Award
  • Queen Venturer Award

Scouts Canada - Canadian Path

Trail Skills

Use of Table Mountain and the other backcountry trails in the area many which have trailheads very close to Camp Impeesa. Grow skills in navigation, wilderness first aid, geocaching, and satellite navigation. Participate in backcountry camping, scrambling, and hill climbing.

Trail Skills (PDF)

Vertical Skills

Learn the basics of climbing including belay and get the body feel for what it would be like on solid rock. Camp staff facilitators are trained to operate, teach and support participants during this program

Vertical Skills (PDF)

Aquatic Skills

Aquatic Skills (PDF)

Paddling Skills

Paddling Skills (PDF)

Camping Skills

Camping Skills (PDF)

Scoutcraft Skills

Scoutcraft Skills (PDF)

Looking for what level(s) your kids completed?
Discover the Outdoor Adventure Competencies your child covered at camp!

Updates from Camp

Camp Impeesa Activities

3D Archery

Take a step up and head into the woods with bow and arrow in hand. Follow our forest trail trying to score points as you take aim at our 3d foam animal targets. Just like a real hunt, your aim must be true as you only get one shot at each target.


This classic youth camp activity will allow campers to develop the skills needed to pierce the bullseye of a traditional target with precision.

Arts & Crafts

Campers with a passion for making creations with their hands will love the arts and crafts activities. This youth camp activity fosters the imagination while incorporating nature’s bounty.


On a canoe is the perfect place to be for campers seeking adventure. Campers are able to explore the lake and kids camp from an entirely different viewpoint.

Climbing Tower

Campers with a love of climbing will really enjoy this activity. The 40-foot climbing tower is the perfect kids camp activity for all the aspiring mountain climbers out there.


Beaver Mines Lake is home to many different kinds of fish species. Campers can cast, reel, and catch all of the different kinds of fish living in the lake that borders the youth camp.


One of the most basic and primitive skills of summer camp is learning how to light a fire. Campers can even compete in a few rounds of friendly firelighting challenges.


Sitting at the base of Table Mountain, Camp Impeesa summer camp has access to a 4.3 km long hiking trail winding up to a summit that offers up some pretty amazing prairie views.


Knot tying and structure building come together to teach campers how to build their own camps. Summer camp just isn’t complete without these necessary survival skills.


In the line-up of shooting sports at camp, at the pellet shooting range campers will practice patients and accuracy through safe firearm handling and learning. With a variety of target options the range provides a unique shooting experience.

Ropes Course

The low ropes course in the Impeesa summer camp gives campers the chance to develop team-building skills and conflict resolution while discovering the benefits of group unity.


Once the sun starts shining, campers are encouraged to hit the lake and work on their swimming skills while joining in on friendly water-related kids camp games.


Hone hand-eye coordination, plan strategies, and push the boundaries of memory while enjoying a fast-paced game of thunderball at our Alberta teen camp.


With a tomahawk in hand, campers are taught to aim with accuracy. This exhilarating youth camp activity pairs very well with archery.


Campers searching for an Alberta teen camp that delivers on its promise to excite will love zipping across the bay on a thrilling yet safe double zipline.