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Washrooms & Showers

Our brand new in 2016 washroom and shower facility is setup with 10 individual, non – gender specific, rooms with a shower, toilet and sink. We have made these units to be accessed one person at a time so our campers and guest have a private space for all washroom needs.


We have a number of multiple unit outhouses located all over the camp for convenient access.

Camp Office

The camp office is located near the maintenance shop and washroom units. This is where our guest check in upon arrival and can access our program scheduling. We have a base station radio located outside of our office for guests to contact our camp staff at any time.

Boat House/Waterfront

Our boathouse contains all of our waterfront sport equipment for canoeing, SUP boarding and swimming. Our lifeguard safety equipment is also located here. We have access emergency telephone and radio inside the boathouse. The waterfront contains a dock and swimming area, a canoe launch and shoreline access for hikes, exploration and fishing. All fishing is done outside the boundaries of our waterfront.

Skookum Village

is located at the east end of camp and over looks Table Mountain and Beaver Mines Lake. The village is made up of 5 cabins and a main kitchen and dining longhouse. The 5 cabins all contain bunkbeds to sleep 10 people and have power outlets and lighting. We do not provide mattress for the bunkbeds so please bring your own. The longhouse has two rooms that each sleep 4 people and the main dining area contains one two fridges, a chest freezer, microwave, industrial gas range with burner top, grill top and two ovens. We do not provide cookware or dishware so please plan to bring your own. Skookum village can sleep a total of 58 people. An outhouse is located just outside the longhouse. A firepit is located near the village for guests to use.

Skookum Village Layout

An aerial sketch of the layout and configuration of the Skookum Village. You can see how many persons can sleep in each cabin as well as the bedrooms located on the end of the longhouse.

Tillicum Village

is the location of our main camp kitchen and dining hall which provide meals for our summer campers and any of our guests who choose to purchase our meal plan. Tillicum cabins can be rented but do not include access to the main kitchen unless guests have purchased our meal plan. Please plan to setup and cook outside if you do not choose our meal plan. Tillicum has 6 cabins that contain bunks that sleep either 4 or 6 people for a total of 30 people. These cabins are do not have power at this time. An outhouse is located just outside the cabins. A firepit is located near the village for guests to use.

Tillicum Village Layout

An aerial sketch of the layout and configuration of the Tillicum Village. You can see how many persons can sleep in each cabin.

Dormar Centre

The Dormar centre is a multi-use conference style building with two indoor bathrooms, a house hold style kitchen, a large open meeting or activity space, break out space room, 3 bedrooms, camp main laundry room, indoor fireplace. The kitchen contains two household stoves, a fridge, microwave, and sink with running water.

Tent Sites

We have many tent sites located throughout the camp. Each site has areas for tent setup, tarps, a fire pit, close proximity to outhouses or main washrooms, picnic tables.

Picnic Shelters

We have three covered picnic shelters throughout camp. Grouse and Osprey are the larger of the three and have power and lights. Loon shelter has no power but a wood stove. All of these shelters have a fire pit and outhouse located nearby.

Fort MacLeod Fire Pit

This is our ceremonial or large group campfire pit and can be booked for groups at specific times any evening. This is a great space for large groups to hold an evening campfire.

Maintenance Shop

The shop is where our camp ranger keeps all of his supplies and works on projects to keep the camp running in top shape. Campers and guests are not allowed access to the shop for safety concerns. If you have any maintenance issues please find our camp ranger for assistance.

Summer Camp Tent Village

Our residential summer campers stay in our wall tent village while in session during the summer. In the spring and fall season our guests can rent these tents. Our wall tents are setup under a roofed platform and can sleep up to 8 people, we do not provide mattress or beds in our tents.

Campsite Capacities

Tent Site Name Number of Tents
Whisky Jack 50 - 60
Lynx 20 - 25
Grizzly 50 - 60
Fort MacLeod 20 - 25
Moose Meadows 30
Loon 20 - 30
Deer Run 40
New Trout 10
Wolf 40 - 50
Sheep 10
Badger 10 - 15
New Heron 20