Timber Trails Horse Camp

August 6 – 11, 2017

The Adventure: Timber Trails returns to Camp Impeesa as one of our summer camp Adventure programs for those wanting to explore the backcountry by horseback. You will spend most of your time taking in all that the Castle Mountain Wilderness has to offer. We will visit alpine valleys, waterfalls and lakes. Scramble up hiking trails and ride along the ridges of the great divide. This program is for youth ages 12 years old and older, scouters are welcome to register as well. We encourage youth who have experienced our residential summer camp program who are looking for a new and exciting adventure to take part in this program. Our session is 6 days, 5 nights which includes two nights at Camp Impeesa in our wall tent village and 3 nights in the backcountry at a horse base camp. You can expect to be in the saddle and ride each day except for the day of arrival and departure from camp.

What can you expect the week to be like?

Arrive at camp, settle into your shared wall tent in our summer camp tent village, swim test in the lake, as a riding group set expectations, goals and plan your week with the wranglers, review safety and risk for the trip, get your helmet & saddle bag, campfire

After breakfast you will work with the wranglers to learn all about working around and riding, understand how to be safe around horses, grooming and care of your horse,  how to saddle and tack your horse, after lunch you will meet your horse and start your ride out of Camp Impeesa to the backcountry base camp.

Tuesday to Thursday
Each day once meals and camp chores have been completed you will saddle up and head out on the trail for the days ride to explore the area. In the evening you will have a chance to talk about what you want the next day to be like and where you want to go. Evenings can also include horse care on the trail, camp craft, campfire and storytelling, fishing, checking out the stars, creek hikes and sharing of fellowship.

Thursday to Friday
You will pack up base camp on Thursday afternoon and ride back to Camp Impeesa. While at camp you will have the opportunity to participate in the many activities offered at camp, go to the final campfire of the week, enjoy a hot shower and dinner in our dining hall. Friday afternoon it will be time to head back home to share stories of grand adventure by horseback.

What is included in the trip?

All riders will be provided with a registration package that includes all of the information you will need to get ready for the trip. We include information on transportation to camp, detail on what personal gear you should and should not bring, a note on risk, a list of gear, forms regarding medical and dietary needs. The camp provides all equipment related to the riding and care of the horses including helmets and saddle bags, horse experienced wranglers and outfitter to guide you through your adventure, food while at camp and in the backcountry, tents and group related gear.