Schools & Scouting

Schools and Scouting is an innovative outdoor education that will re-enforce classroom work and provide valuable return on investment of you students’ time. Assistance and resources are available every step of the way to customize program modules to fit the needs of your school and students. Teachers can choose from various program options, of which are designed to supplement and complement Grade 4, 5, 6, and 7-12 curriculum topics. Scouts Canada is able to develop custom experiential education programs for your class. Our outdoor leaders have experience in teambuilding, outdoor education, sciences, nature based learning and physical recreation. We welcome the opportunity to speak to your school about how we can meet your needs.

School Program Options

The Outdoor Skills Challenge is based on more than 100 years of Scouting outdoor experience and also designed to meet the Alberta curriculum. The program is designed to promote an appreciation of the outdoors. All camp sessions contain elements of “Leave No Trace” principles of outdoor ethics. The topics range from team building, camp cooking and fire-building, pioneering and shelter building, map reading and orienteering, hike planning, outdoor safety, singing, skits, campfire, archery, and more. This is normally a 3-day program that includes full program, meals, and accommodations. Tailored specific programming is a great way for teachers to connect learning in the classroom to real life experiences in the outdoors. The camp will work with teachers to develop program that fits the objectives being taught at school. Retreat style program is a very popular to begin or end of the school year experience. Many options for program and services are available and give teachers a lot of flexibility. All of our program options can be arranged as an overnight or day trip experience.